Pop Artifact! Catalog with 60s Batman toys

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Pop Culture Roundup May 19, 2006

DVD: Jayne Mansfield Collection out Aug. 8

DVD: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Vol. 2 out July 11

DVD: I Dream of Jeannie season 2 due July 11

DVD: Charlie's Angels Season 3 set due in July

Lost Clues: Season 2, episode 22: "Three Minutes"

Order Action Figures May 18, 2006

Pop Artifact! Batman freeze ray gun

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New "Superman Returns" poster

Pop Culture Roundup May 17, 2006

Lost preview May 17, 2006: "Three Minutes"

New comics May 17, 2006

Pop Artifact! 1967 Ideal Wonder Woman doll

Happy Sea Monkey Day!

See the animated Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes

Pop Culture Roundup May 16, 2006

CD new releases May 16, 2006

Marvel Comics August 2006 Solicitations