Complete Dave Stevens Rocketeer coming from IDW

From the press release:

IDW Publishing is proud to announce
the upcoming release of The Complete Rocketeer by Dave Stevens, collecting
the classic series in its entirety for the first time ever.

After more than a decade out of print, The Rocketeer makes a triumphant
return to stores this October with a comprehensive hardcover edition
featuring artwork digitally re-mastered from Stevens' own lovingly
maintained collection of originals, and all-new coloring by Laura Martin,
the Eisner-Award- winning colorist handpicked by Stevens himself.

The Rocketeer, a rollicking tribute to pulp novels and Saturday morning
matinee serials, follows the high-flying adventures of stunt pilot Cliff
Secord and his girlfriend Betty, after Cliff finds a mysterious jet pack and
takes to the sky. The graphic novel went on to become a much-loved major
motion picture directed by Joe Johnston.

In addition to the mass-market hardcover, a very special deluxe edition is
planned. Presented in a larger format, the deluxe edition will be filled
with behind-the-scenes material, a treasure of additional pages featuring
previously unpublished Rocketeer designs, preliminaries, and sketches by
Dave Stevens, many taken from his personal sketchbooks.

"It is an honor to work on The Rocketeer," said IDW Special Projects editor
Scott Dunbier, "I've been a fan of Dave Stevens and The Rocketeer since I
first read it in the early 80s. It was a dream of Dave's to see his creation
return to the shelves in a complete collection. We are dedicated to making
this the definitive edition, a book Dave would have been proud of." This
October The Rocketeer will fly once more.

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