Pop links: Gilligan's Island movie! Carmine Infantino! Star Wars t-shirt transfers! Buffy! Robyn Hitchcock!

A new "Gilligan's Island" movie is in the works. Is this necessary? Well, no. We all know what it'll be like: Some relatively big comedy stars amusingly cast in in overlong, only occasionally funny flick that lampoons the already-silly original while also including humor that would have been considered wholly inappropriate back when the original program was aired. Granted, this is just a prediction. Don't hold me to it.

Anyway, Entertainment Weekly has, predictably, posted an article asking people to choose who they would cast as the Professor, Mary Anne and the rest.

I gotta admit Christina Hendricks as Ginger is a brilliant choice, though.


Nifty! Big Glee shares this Carmine Infantino-illustrated model sheet from the 1968 Batman cartoon show.


Star Wars iron-on transfers! Will these work if you print them out on the right paper?


The first six seasons of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" are coming to the Netflix box. Of course, my household already owns them all on DVD, but it's still cool news.


Robyn Hitchcock has a cool new video out. (Krazy Kat fans will want to tune it).


  1. The new vampire shows ain't got nothin' on Buffy! And Smallville could stand to take a few lessons from Buffy relative to subplots and how to move a story along!


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