Rare photos of Spider-Man creator Steve Ditko in yearbook

An eBay listing for a 1944 Johnstown, Pa., high school yearbook includes some images of a young Steve Ditko, reclusive co-creator of Spider-Man.

The book also includes this illustration, which the seller believes may be by Ditko. Don't know. Looks to me like it could be.

At any rate, the listing also includes a number of photos of the young artist. There are very few public photos of Ditko around, so this is interesting -- although the seller goes to somewhat hyperbolic lengths to tout the book's historical significance.


  1. According to Cat Yronwode, a Dr. Strange fanatic who researched Ditko over many years for a book project that never materialized, visual aspects of Peter Parker's life and surroundings could be directly tied to Ditko's high-school experience in Johnstown--architectural details of Parker's school building, for instance, and the model for his bullying nemesis Flash Thompson were both clearly present in Ditko's high-school yearbooks.


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