McCartney sings on Steve Martin's new bluegrass album

From Macca Blog:

McCartney gives voice to a track called "Best Love," which Martin describes as "a love song, but it has a little humor in it".

"It's very hard to believe" Martin said of having the former Beatle perform on his album. "I was a kid when I first heard Paul McCartney, and if you told me one day that he'd be singing one of my tunes, I'm still flabbergasted".

Of course, Martin and the music of Macca have crossed paths before...

Who singer has "voice restoration" surgery

Interesting: After experiencing problems with his voice last year, Roger Daltrey underwent a new surgical procedure that seems to have helped.

Daltrey sought treatment from Steven Zeitels, director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Voice Center and a professor at Harvard Medical School. (He also treats Julie Andrews and Steven Tyler.)

What Zeitels found: evidence of pre-cancerous dysplasia on Daltrey’s vocal chords.

A week before Christmas, Daltrey went in for surgery. Using the latest in laser technology — plus a new gel-like biomaterial injected into the vocal chord — Daltrey was restored. (Zeitels claims he can regain up to 90 percent of someone’s lost voice.)

Mojo mag's Neil Young tribute CD

The latest issue comes with a song-by-song cover of the Harvest album by various musicians.

Rogen talks Green Hornet

The writer/actor talks about what drew him to the project, and outs himself and co-writer Evan Goldberg as comic book fans:

“Me and Evan go to the comic book store almost every single week,” he confesses. “We have thousands of comic books. We read very few books without pictures of men in tights, which is embarrassing to say but true.”

...He’s ready for a new comic book, superhero-loving audience to embrace him now — for life.

“The nerdy things that I love to talk about are now cool,” Rogen says. “My hobbies are part of pop culture. I don’t feel like a geek anymore.”