Trailer for Stan Lee documentary film

Here's a peek at "With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story"  a new documentary about the Marvel Comics creator set to screen this month at the Sundance Film Festival.

Much as I like Stan, I hope the flick pays some credit to Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and other Marvel co-creators who contributed to Marvel's success as Stan without nabbing nearly as much public acclaim.

Anyone out there seen it? I hope I can eventually get a DVD.

Wilco releases iTunes album Jan. 24 - features "Cool to Be Kind" cover

Wilco will release an iTunes album Jan. 24 featuring live-in-the-studio versions of some new tunes, plus a cover of "Cruel to Be Kind" in collaboration with that tune's originator Nick Lowe, who recently has been opening for the band.

Here's Nick's original version of his power pop hit. That's Nick's then-wife and Johnny Cash's stepdaughter Carlene Carter in the video, plus members of Rockpile:

New Shadow comics series on way from Dynamite

Dynamite Entertainment will launch a new monthly Shadow comic book series in April scripted by Garth Ennis with art by Aaron Campbell. Alex Ross and others will provide covers. The storyline is set in 1938.

Dynamite also is reprinting Howard Chaykin's 1991 Shadow series, originally published by DC, in a new collected edition.

DC Comics' new logo is stupid

Count me among those who think DC Comics' newly unveiled logo is a huge mistake.

The peel-away look is a nifty concept, but what does it have to do with comics or the comic book heritage of the superheroes DC is marketing in the movies, toys and television?

It would be a good logo for a company that manufactured adhesive products, maybe. But it doesn't make sense for DC.

Bring back the 1972 bullet! Chart below by Geek Rest.

IDW to publish monthly Popeye comic

Popeye comics are back! IDW Publishing has teamed comics scribe Roger
 Landridge (Muppets, Thor: The Might Adventure) with artist Bruce Ozella
 to continue the adventures of E.C. Segar's sailor man.

The first issue is due out in April and will include an alternate cover created by famed
 cartoonist Jules Feiffer.

DC Comics solicitations April 2012 - Kirby Challengers of the Unknown Omnibus, Sgt. Rock Archive 4, Sea Devils Showcase

Here are highlights from DC Comics' April 2012 releases. Click the links to order discounted items from Amazon.

On sale JUNE 20 • 320 pg, FC, $39.99 US$26.39
Now in one amazing volume collecting SHOWCASE 6, 7, 11 and 12 and CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN #1-8, these are the original 1950s tales of four death defying adventurers and their incredible exploits.

Written by ROBERT KANIGHER • Art and cover by JOE KUBERT
ADVANCE SOLICITED • On sale SEPTEMBER 19 • 256 pg, FC, $59.99 US
In this new, high-quality archive collecting tales from OUR ARMY AT WAR #126-139, Sgt. Rock battles a German sergeant who is his opposite number, protects a young war refugee, clashes with other Army sergeants, attempts to rescue a captured soldier and more.

Written by ROBERT KANIGHER, BOB HANEY and others • Art by RUSS HEATH, IRV NOVICK, GENE COLAN and others • Cover by RUSS HEATH
On sale MAY 23 • 512 pg, B&W, $19.99 US$13.59
In these stories from SHOWCASE #27-29 and SEA DEVILS #1-16, the Sea Devils battle creatures beneath the waves including The Octopus-Man, the Undersea Ghost, The Flame-Headed Watchman and more.

BBC Radio this week

Click the links to hear the following shows:

Ol' Blue Eyes of Bayswater
Paul Sexton tells the story of the only studio album Frank Sinatra recorded outside the US

Alan Bennett's Telling Tales Available on BBC iPlayer
Alan Bennett reminisces about growing up in Leeds

Barry Letts - Who & Me Available on BBC iPlayer The Doctor Who TV producer from 1969 to 1974 recounts his career

Blake's 7: The Early Years Available on BBC iPlayer
Sci-fi series

Dalek I Love You Too Available on BBC iPlayer
Doctor Who obsessive Nigel is missing with the mysterious Romana. With David Raynor.

Fear on Four Available on BBC iPlayer
Series of horror and suspense tales, hosted by the Man in Black

Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel Available on BBC iPlayer
The Marx Brothers' lost radio shows recreated. Stars Michael Roberts as Groucho Marx.

The Atkinson People Available on BBC iPlayer
Spoof series, profiling famous people. Written by Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis

The Goon Show Available on BBC iPlayer
Classic material from one of the all-time radio comedy greats

The Michael Bentine Show Available on BBC iPlayer
Comedy programme with Goon Show-founder Michael Bentine

The Price of Fear Available on BBC iPlayer
Horror and mystery series, hosted by Vincent Price

Red, White and Black: The Jack White Story Available on BBC iPlayer
Jack White reflects on his life and journey from altar boy to international rock star.

The Hammond: A Vital Organ Available on BBC iPlayer
John Walters traces the history of the instrument that survived decades of musical fashion

The Jam: Made in Britain Available on BBC iPlayer
Jonathan Ross tells the story of The Jam with contributions from Paul Weller and others.

The Story of Pop Available on BBC iPlayer
Alan Freeman explores the history of pop music.

Avengers Tara King/Linda Thorson picture gallery

Photos of Linda Thorson, who played Tara King in Britcult series, "The Avengers."