Posters for upcoming season 7 Doctor Who episodes

Doctor Who Pond Life part 5

Part 5 of the online mini-series featuring Doctor Who companions Amy and Rory.


Hot Toys Catwoman - Selina Kyle figure

Another uncanny figure from Hot Toys:

Promo pics: Doctor Who Asylum of the Daleks

Some pics from the season 7 opener of "Doctor Who."

Pop culture roundup: Avengers briefcase debacle! Michael Cho! Jack Kirby for 30 cents! Steve Ditko NOT appearing here! James Bond documentary!

A briefcase company has put the kibosh on a planned box set of Marvel's recent spate of superhero movies leading up to "The Avengers." The set was to come packaged in a briefcase modeled after one used by Samuel L. Jackson in the films.
Rimowa's lawsuit alleges that Marvel and Disney would be infringing on their trademarked design with the accessory, as well as indulging in trademark dilution and unfair competition, going on to say that Marvel's use of the evenly-space parallel barred design was unlicensed and therefore illegal.

Another awesome piece of art by Michael Cho:


More  cool art: The 30-cent Jack Kirby Gallery.


Here's an Internet rumor that lasted about half a second: Steve Ditko to appear at comics convention!


I'd watch this: A documentary on the history of James Bond.
"Everything or Nothing" focuses on three men with a shared dream: Bond producers Albert R. Broccoli, Harry Saltzman and author Ian Fleming. It's the thrilling and inspiring narrative behind the longest running film franchise in cinema history which began in 1962. With unprecedented access both to the key players involved and to Eon Productions' extensive archive, this is the first time the inside story of the franchise has ever been told on screen in this way.

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