Animated trailer for Community season 5

Second trailer for Doctor Who: Time of the Doctor

Season's greetings from View-Master!

Pop culture roundup: John and Yoko! Macca draws! TARDIS crash! Beatle boots!

Via Beatles Magazine: Print and post these John and Yoko "War is Over" posters, commemorating their 1971 Christmas single "Happy Christmas (War is Over) and their campaign for peace. Click the link to get posters in other languages!


 An interesting piece of memorabilia surfaced on eBay this week: A 1966 drawing of George Harrison's wife, Pattie, penned by Paul McCartney. Evidently, the drawing was given by Pattie to a fan. There's a letter from Pattie to the fan accompanying the drawing.


Speaking of Macca: He was thisclose to getting a free t-shirt Sixers-Nets game the other day, but no cigar.


Some guys fly -- and crash -- a replica of Doctor Who's T.A.R.D.I.S.


More Beatles: The band's quiet release of unreleased 1963 material generated a lot of attention (and cash) this week. But did you know John Lennon was a fan of Beatles bootlegs back in the 1970s? He gave one for his buddy Paul.