BBC Radio this week: Brian Aldiss sci-fi; Doctor Who; The Goon Show; Sir Henry at Rawlinson End; Howlin' Wolf

Click the links to hear the following programs:

Brian Aldiss Presents: Beef plus Sole Solution The sci-fi author's own meaty tale, and Eric Frank Russell's story of scientific creation.

Doctor Who: To the Death The Time Lord calls on friends, family and the Meddling Monk to help overthrow the Daleks.

The Goon Show: Who is Pink Oboe? Cowardly Captain Seagoon is at war. With Peter Sellers on leave, Graham Stark is enlisted.

Sir Henry at Rawlinson End: Sir Henry Entertains Surreal saga of a dynasty delicately balanced on the edge of sanity. From December 1996.

Howlin' Wolf Bruce Dickinson presents a profile of blues giant Howlin' Wolf, aka Chester Burnett.