Pop culture roundup: Jack Kirby; Beach Boys; monster comics

Mum's the word on the legal settlement between Marvel Comics and the Estate of cartoonist Jack Kirby, but rumor has it Kirby's family will receive something in the neighborhood of "eight figures" to keep ownership of the characters Kirby co-created out of court.
Possibly, worried he may have said too much, my very well-connected source defined the settlement as “eight figures. Mid eight figures.” Which leads me to believe we could be looking from anywhere between $30 million to $50 million, either way the largest single sum settlement that any comic book creator’s estate has ever received for such a legal settlement in history.
The deal also ensures that Jack Kirby will receive full named credit on upcoming movies based, or partly based, on his work.

Just who the heck is on the LP cover of the Beach Boys' Friends album anyway? That's the important topic of debate over at the Steve Hoffman music forum. I say that's definitely Paul McCartney, prominently on the left in gree. And there's a good chance the green fellow on the right is Donovan. But how about the rest? And why?


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