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Pop focus: Corgi James Bond vehicles!

I promised I'd follow-up our recent display of Corgi Batman vehicles with one devoted to the company's great James Bond die-cast vehicles, and here it is.

Corgi's verions of OO7's Aston Martin from "Goldfinger" is probably the most famous toy vehicle the company ever made, and it's nifty.

Not only does it have a fully functioning ejector seat (good luck finding the little plastic passenger once he shoots out. He's probably under the living room couch), but also a bullet deflector shield for the back window, pop-out machine guns in the front bumper and plastic spinning "blades" that extend from the rear hubcaps. Both gold and silver models were manufactured.

Corgi made other Bond cars, probably most notably the submarine-transformable Lotus Esprit from "The Spy Who Loved Me." Special effects on this Corgi were more limited: Hit a switch and fines and a periscope would pop up, and it could shoot little plastic missiles out the back windshield area (they're there, under the couch).

I had, and still have, both. Corgi's are so well-made and durable, that both are in great shape 30-odd years after purchase. I also had the black Bell helicopter from "The Spy Who Loved Me." It didn't really do anything. I think a little rope could be extended from the bottom, but maybe I'm confusing that with the Corgi Batcopter.

The company made a number of other Bond vehicles, too, including a car from "Thunderball" I didn't know about until tracking down these pictures, and the "moon buggy" from "Diamonds are Forever."