Video Find: Short doc on Doctor Who composer Delia Derbyshire!

The Delian Mode (Kara Blake, 2009) by anaimiaktion

Pop Artifact: Denjin Zaboger figure!

I caught an episode of "Denjin Zaborger" as a kid vacationing with my folks in Hawaii back in 1975 and it blew my mind: My first exposure to anything related to Japanese pop culture.

Here's a clip!


Today's Best Picture Ever: Ringo socks a Blue Meanie!

Pop tweets

Pop Focus: The Collage Art of Jack Kirby!

In the late 1960s, comics artist Jack Kirby started incorporating collage art into his comics -- giving super heroic scenes an extra dose of the incredible by constructing surreal backgrounds clipped from photographs in magazines and arranged artfully. He also created many collage works for his own pleasure.

Unfortunately, the printing quality of comics back then was poor and the collage pieces were mainly viewed as failed experiments. But now, with better printing and technology that can boost the quality of the images, they look pretty danged cool.

Below is an assortment of Kirby Kollage. If you want to learn more about King Kirby, please visit and support the online Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center and check out the excellent Jack Kirby Collector, published by TwoMorrows.