Pop culture roundup: Pete Townshend; Spider-Man; John Buscema

A symphonic version of the Who's "Quadrophenia" released by Pete Townshend isn't "classical" enough to top the classical charts in Britain.
...the orchestral record has not been accepted into the Classical Chart, due to the fact that the original material is rock music.

On discovering his exclusion ... Townshend expressed his disappointment:
“So musical snobbery in the “classical” elite is still alive & kicking then? F**k ’em. There’s a huge team behind this album, entirely rooted in the practical world of recorded classical music, who deserve better than this petty slap-down. I know I’m a rock dinosaur and I’m happy to be one, but the team on Classic Quadrophenia are all young, creative and brilliant.”

Head's up, Chris Pratt: Spider-Man was fighting genetically engineered dinosaurs back in the 1970s.


Diversions of a Groovy Kind shares a gallery of Fantastic Four splash pages by the great John Buscema.

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