Pop culture roundup: Wally Wood; Stan Lee

Should Wally Wood get a credit on Netflix's "Daredevil"? The artist's estate and lots of other comics pros think so.
...though over a dozen Daredevil-related comics professionals were acknowledged in the series credits, the late, legendary creator who, most in-the-know people say, did as much as Stan Lee and Bill Everett, who first launched Daredevil in 1964, is outrageously slighted.
No one is more important to ‪‎Daredevil‬ than Wallace “Wally” Wood!
After leaving his historic 12-year hit run on MAD Magazine, in 1964, Wood took over the then foundering, near-cancellation fledgling Daredevil comic after issue #4. Wood created the RED Daredevil character design, the interlocking double-D logo (which inspired the nickname “DD”), developed the visualization of the Radar Sense, created the grappling-hook cane/Billy-club cable, technological enhancements to DD’s senses, themes used through the Frank Miller run, and beyond.

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  1. Well, he contributed some visual elements, but the essentials were already in place, weren't they? Blind lawyer/superhero, supporting characters, nature of powers, etc. Does suggesting a colour change to the costume AFTER the character has already appeared for six issues really qualify someone as a 'creator'? However, if a load of other people who worked on the book over the years are credited on the TV show, then Wally deserves a mention as much as any of them, I suppose.