Coming Up: Ringo Starr's "Bad Boy" album out Jan. 25 in new vinyl edition

Ringo's 1978 album "Bad Boy" will be out in a new vinyl edition Jan. 25 from Friday Music. You can pre-order it now from Amazon.

Details from Friday Music (I doubt most folks agree that this is one of Ringo's finest albums, nor one of the finer LPs of 1978):

Often considered one of his finest works since the classic "Ringo" album from 1973, "Bad Boy" would become one of the Ringo Starr’s most loved ventures and one of the finer rock recordings of 1978. Featuring the hit single "Heart On My Sleeve", "Bad Boy" would be the centerpiece of his critically acclaimed television special "Ringo."

Whenever the legendary Ringo Starr makes a record, there’s always a little help from his superstar friends like producers Vini Poncia and arrangers James Newton Howard, who all contributed their studio expertise into making "Bad Boy" the stellar work that it is.

More Ringo classics like "Who Needs A Heart" kicks the Lp into high gear, followed up by his remake of the Naomi Neville hit "Lipstick Traces (on A Cigarette)" and Sir Richard Starkey's interpretation of The Supremes' smash "Where Did Our Love Go"...all truly making this a splendid time for all!

Friday Music is very pleased to announce the first time 180 Gram Translucent Blue & Black Swirl audiophile vinyl release of the Ringo Starr classic "Bad Boy." Mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios and Capitol Records in Hollywood, CA and pressed at R.T.I., for a super limited time, this super fine Ringo Starr Lp will also be housed in a striking gatefold cover which also includes rare photos and lyrics from the inner sleeve artwork, plus a 12" x 12" poster insert to enhance your Ringo Starr listening hours. 

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Coming Up: Swamp Monsters (Chilling Archives of Horror Comics)

Out April 16. Pre-order from Amazon now.


Something's out there in the mad, murky depths of the fear-filled, sinister swamp...  some... swamp... THING is coming for you! And it's out for mud!

The terror team that brought you Zombies, Return of the Zombies, and the petrifyingly popular, hit series, Haunted Horror, take you on an excursion of evil into the dankest, lagooniest corners of your nightmares, and dredge up over 240 pages of icky, drippy, slimy, grimy beasts from the grungy bottom of the Pre-Code comics' bog. See the art of these full color classic comics  by mire monster masters Bob Powell, Lou Cameron, Hy Fleishman, Lin Streeter, the Iger Shop, and marshy more! Swamp Monsters Includes a fascinating introduction by comics legend, the acclaimed artist of Swamp Thing, "Swampy" Stephen Bissette!

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