This year's Record Store Day releases - my picks

As I've probably mentioned, I love record stores, but have some issues with Record Store Day. Mainly, I think the event is exploitative of have-to-have-everything collectors. So, you'll get silly releases on green vinyl and limited-edition, seven-inch singles that cost $25. And many of the vinyl pressings I've purchased at RSD over the years have been sub-standard or defective.

Yet, there's sometimes good stuff, too: releases of material that's actually desirable and otherwise rare, presented in a thoughtful manner in high quality.

So, I peruse the list each year, looking for items that might be of interest. Below are my choices for this year. You can see the complete list here. RSD 2018 is on April 21. You can find participating record shots here.

Pop Pics: Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce as Holmes and Watson

New comics collections March 7, 2018: Kamandi by Jack Kirby Omnibus; Daredevil by Waid & Samnee Omnibus; Tales of the Batman: Gene Colan; Batman & Superman in World's Finest; Batman by Neal Adams Book One; Burne Hogarth - Tarzan and the Adventurers

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Time Capsule: Comic book covers from March 1968

Comics on the newsstand in March 1968 info and images from Mike's Amazing World of Comics and the Grand Comics Database.