Today's best picture ever: Creator confab with Jack Kirby, Jerry Siegel and Bob Kane Will Robinson and Luke Skywalker. 
(left to right: Jack Kirby, Bill Mumy, Jerry Siegel, Bob Kane, Mark Hamill, and actor Miguel Ferrer in January 1987.) Via Marvel Comics: The Untold Story

Stop-motion opening for 1966 Batman TV show

Here's a fun stop-motion video of the sixties "Batman" TV show using Mattel's new 1966-style action figures.

Sherlock series 3 teaser

New comics Sept. 4, 2013: Korak; Adventures into the Unknown; Space 1999!

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Adventures Into the Unknown Archives Volume 3

Korak, Son of Tarzan Archives Volume 2

Classic Space: 1999 - To Everything That Was: Selected Remastered Works

So long, Sir David Frost

Noted British broadcaster Sir David Frost died yesterday at age 74. The Guardian has an overview of his illustrious career here.

Along with his pioneering work on the satirical broadcast "That Was the Week that Was" in the early 1960s and his riveting interviews with President Richard Nixon in the late 1970s, Frost had a long association with the Beatles.

Beatles producer Sir George Martin penned the theme tune to one of Frost's TV series, titling the song "By George! It's the David Frost Theme." Frost also interviewed members of the Beatles numerous times and the band performed "Hey Jude" on his program in 1968.

Here's a clip of the Beatles on the Frost show, and a great, early interview Sir David did with Paul McCartney in 1964.