You remember Atlantis
Donovan, the guy with the brocade coat,
Used to sing to you about Atlantis
You loved it, you were so involved then
That was back in the days when you used to
Smoke a banana
You would scrape the stuff off the middle
You would smoke it
You even thought you was getting ripped from it
No problem
--Frank Zappa

Yeah, it's hard to live down that stuff about "electrical bananas." But let's talk for a moment about the true coolness of Donovan.

This is the guy who recorded "Hurdy Gurdy Man" backed by what would ultimately become Led Zeppelin. Paul McCartney played on that electric banana tune ("Mellow Yellow"). And, whilst meditating with them in India, Donovan taught the Beatles the fingerpicking guitar style that ended up all over the "White Album." It's said Don may've had a hand in writing "Yellow Submarine," too.

Ever heard "Season of the Witch"?

Donovan is cool. And it's about time what's happening is happening: Four of his prime albums are coming out again, remastered, with loads of extra tracks, due out May 10.

Here's a look-see:

Sunshine Superman

1. Sunshine Superman
2. Legend Of A Girl Child Linda
3. Three Kingfishers
4. Ferris Wheel
5. Bert's Blues
6. Season Of The Witch
7. Trip
8. Guinevere
9. Fat Angel
10. Celeste
11. Breezes Of Patchulie
12. Museum (First Version)
13. Superlungs (First Version)
14. Land Of Doesn't Have To Be
15. Sunshine Superman
16. Good Trip (Demo) (Mono)
17. House Of Jansch (Demo) (Mono)

Mellow Yellow

1. Mellow Yellow
2. Writer In The Sun
3. Sand & Foam
4. Observation
5. Bleak City Woman
6. House Of Jansch
7. Young Girl Blues
8. Museum
9. Hampstead Incident
10. Sunny South Kensington
11. Epistle To Dippy (Stereo)
12. Preachin' Love
13. Good Time
14. There Is A Mountain
15. Superlungs (Second Version)
16. Epistle To Dippy (Alternative Arr) (Stereo)
17. Sidewalk (The Observation) (Demo) (Mono)
18. Writer In The Sun (Demo) (Mono)
19. Hampstead Incident (Demo) (Mono)
20. Museum (Demo) (Mono)

Hurdy Gurdy Man

1. Hurdy Gurdy Man
2. Peregrine
3. Entertaining Of A Shy Girl
4. As I Recall It
5. Get Thy Bearings
6. Hi It's Been A Long Time
7. West Indian Lady
8. Jennifer Juniper
9. River Song
10. Tangier
11. Sunny Day
12. Sun Is A Very Magic Fellow
13. Teas
14. Teen Angel
15. Poor Cow
16. Lalena
17. Aye My Love (Mono)
18. What A Beautiful Creature You Are
19. Colours
20. Catch The Wind


1. Barabajagal
2. Superlungs My Supergirl
3. Where Is She
4. Happiness Runs
5. I Love My Shirt
6. Love Song
7. To Susan On The West Coast Waiting
8. Atlantis
9. Trudi
10. Pamela Jo
11. Stromberg Twins
12. Snakeskin
13. Lauretta's Cousin Laurinda
14. Swan (Lord Of The Reedy River)
15. Poor Man's Sunshine (Nativity)
16. New Years Resolution (Donovan's Celtic Jam)
17. Runaway (Demo)
18. Sweet Beverley (Demo)
19. Marjorie (Margarine) (Demo)
20. Little White Flower (Demo)
21. Good Morning Mr Wind (Demo)
22. Palais Girl (Demo)
23. Lord Of The Universe (Demo)

I also recently saw that Don's soundtrack to "Brother Sun and Sister Moon" is newly available via iTunes. And there's a collection of early demos, Sixty Four, available only at his official Web site.


  1. I agree donovan is very good. totally of his time but with some songs that sound fantastic today.
    mellow yellow is actually the worst song on the mellow yellow album. i love sand and foam and sunny south kensington.


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