Thursday, July 22, 2021

Pop Culture Roundup: Nope, MOTU, Battle of the Planets and more!

ITEM! Follow up from our report yesterday: Mos Def will mos def not be playing Thelonious Monk, after all.

ITEM! The third-best lead guitarist in the Yardbirds is cranky about COVID restrictions. Let's not get him started on immigration.

ITEM! Sarah Michelle Gellar, who is voicing Teela in the new Masters of the Universe series, didn't like the original show.

ITEM! A "Battle of the Planets" film is in the works.

ITEM! Jordan Peele is reuniting with Daniel Kaluuya for a new horror  flick titled "Nope."

ITEM! Lollapalooza 2021 will be livestreamed on Hulu.

Pop Pic: Natalie Wood