Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Pop Culture Roundup: Streaming Dylan, Tarzan and more!

ITEM! An updated BBC archive allows visitors to stream more than 200,000 programs originally broadcast between 1923 and now.

ITEM! Bob Dylan has announced his first streaming special, "Shadow Kingdom," for July 18.

ITEM! The Edgar Rice Burroughs has licensed a new, old-time radio Tarzan audio series.

Coming Up: "The Raven" on Blu-ray

Out Aug. 31. Order now from Amazon.


The legendary “Triumvirate of Terror”—Vincent Price (Scream and Scream Again), Peter Lorre (The Comedy of Terrors) and Boris Karloff (The Crimson Cult)—star in this twisted tale of sorcery most fowl! Director Roger Corman (The Tomb of Ligeia) and screenwriter Richard Matheson (The Last Man on Earth) deliver a tongue-in-cheek take on Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous poem. Dr. Craven (Price), the son of a great sorcerer (now dead), was once himself quite skilled at that profession, but has since abandoned it. One evening, a cowardly fool of a magician named Bedlo (Lorre) comes to Craven for help—the evil Scarabus (Karloff) has turned him into a raven and he needs someone to change him back. He also tells the reluctant wizard that Craven’s long-lost wife Lenore (Hazel Court, The Premature Burial), whom he loved greatly and thought dead, is living with the despised Scarabus. Featuring Jack Nicholson (Prizzi’s Honor) in an early screen role, this Corman-Poe classic about two wizards dueling for magical supremacy is utterly bewitching!

Special Features:

-NEW Audio Commentary by Film Historian David Del Valle
-Corman’s Comedy of Poe: An Interview with Producer/Director Roger Corman
-Richard Matheson: Storyteller
-TRAILERS FROM HELL with Mick Garris
-Theatrical Trailer
-Limited Edition O-Card Slipcase

Comic Art: 1960s original Marvel Comics pages by the great Jack Kirby

The King on Captain America, the Fantastic Four, Avengers, Ant-Man and more during his prime.


Awesome Playmobil "Star Trek '66" set coming soon

Check out these pics of Playmobil's set based on the original "Star Trek" TV series. It's out in September and will set you back $500, unfortunately. Available for pre-order via Entertainment Earth

Pop Pic: Orson Welles


Animation Art: Alex Toth "The Space Ghosts" Pitch Illustrations

I guess this preceded Toth's art for "Space Ghost"?

New Comics Out this Week: Captain America’s Bicentennial Battles - All-New Marvel Treasury Edition; Madman Library Edition Vol. 1

It's 1976 all over again! Click the links to order from Amazon.

The Marvel Treasury Edition that celebrated 200 years of the United States of America is back, as big as life and better than ever! From the unparalleled imagination of Jack Kirby, it’s a time-spanning adventure featuring Captain America on an incredible journey through his nation’s past — from the American Revolution through two World Wars…and more! Steve Rogers meets major historical figures, makes quite an impact on Benjamin Franklin — and takes inspiration from two centuries of American struggle and progress! Reprinted in all its oversized glory along with suitably patriotic special features, this is one of the Sentinel of Liberty’s wildest adventures of all, without which no Cap collection is complete!
    COLLECTING: Marvel Treasury Special: Captain America’s Bicentennial Battles (1976) 1, Mighty Marvel Bicentennial Calendar 1976.

From Madman's first appearance through his mysterious origins to his adventures throughout time, space, and pop-art absurdity; follow Frank Einstein's superhero alter ego Madman as he adventures through Snap City and encounters many zany and timeless characters and villains in this true homage to superhero fiction, metaphysical philosophy, 1950s science fiction films, rock and roll pop music, and much more in this truely humorous and heartfelt comic book classic!
    This six-volume Madman universe omnibus library edition series collects all of Allred's award-winning Madman universe (a.k.a. the "Madmaniverse") stories in selected reading order for the ultimate Madman fan!
    This 680-page volume collects Madman’s adventures from 1990 to 1996, reprinting “For the Record,” Madman (original series) 1–3, Madman Adventures 1–3, and Madman Comics 1–10, Mike Allred’s never-before-published first foray comics called THEY!, and featuring bonus pinups and art by some of comics’ greatest talent like Frank Miller, Jack Kirby, Moebius, Frank Frazetta, Emily Carroll, and more!