Marvel Comics hardcovers: Good stuff ahoy

Some of these I've mentioned before, but they're all pretty major, exciting releases. A roundup seems like a good idea. Coming up:

Marvel Visionaries: John Buscema

Out next spring, this 368-page volume pays tribute to the great penciler with stories from:

* Crime Fighters #4
* Western Outlaws & Sheriffs #60
* Strange Tales #22 & #150
* Tales To Astonish #85-87
* Avengers #41-42, #75-76, #277 & Annual #2
* Silver Surfer #4
* My Love #4
* Fantastic Four #111-112
* Thor #200
* Dracula Lives #3
* Marvel Spotlight #30
* Epic Illustrated #1
* Wolverine #10
* Marvel Shadows & Light #3

The Eternals By Jack Kirby

The whole works! The 392-page volume collects all 19 issues of Kirby's underrated 1970s series, plus an annual. It's set for release next summer.

Uncanny X-Men Omnibus

A big, fat 848-page collection featuring the earliest and most influential stories from the series that brought back and revitalized the 1960s X-Men. Featuring work by Len Wein, Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum, John Byrne and Terry Austin, it includes X-Men #94-131, and Giant-Size X-Men #1 plus the original letters pages and other extras. It's due out in April.

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