Pop Culture Roundup Sept. 20, 2006

Brian Wilson is teaming with fellow ex-Beach Boy Al Jardine for a series of "Pet Sounds" performances.

Wilson's pairing with Jardine, their first in decades, comes a week after a California judge dismissed portions of a lawsuit against the latter by former Beach Boys bandmate Mike Love. Love had sued Jardine claiming he was the only person legally allowed to perform under the name "Beach Boys" but Jardine had toured anyway with "knockoff bands" using names such as "Beach Boys Family & Friends."


Groovy Age of Horror exposes censored Marvel Essential reprints.


Bob Dylan borrows words from Confederate poet Henry Timrod on his new album, reports The New York Times.

It seems that many of the lyrics on that album, Mr. Dylan’s first No. 1 album in 30 years (down to No. 3 this week), bear some strong echoes to the poems of Timrod, a Charleston native who wrote poems about the Civil War and died in 1867 at the age of 39.


Budget constraints will keep the next season of "Doctor Who" earthbound, the BBC reports.

"People will say, 'Why doesn't he visit alien planets more often?'" writer/producer Russell T Davies said. "But that's because they are expensive. They're hugely expensive."

Davies also told Doctor Who magazine that these episodes gained the lowest viewing figures of the series...

The writer added that he would not be using forests and quarries as stand-ins for alien landscapes, as was often the case in classic Doctor Who episodes.

"The mockery we would get walking into a forest and saying that we're on the planet Zagfon!