Pop Culture Roundup Oct. 19, 2006

20th Century Danny Boy posts some rare pencil art by the great comics artist Ross Andru.


Ain't it Cool reviews the "Doctor Who" spin-off show "Torchwood."

The basic premise of the show is that there is a secret organisation, Torchwood, who work outside the Government protecting against alien threats and scavenging any technology left behind. They are led by Captain Jack from Series 1/27 of Doctor Who, whom we last saw being resurrected by a superpowered Rose and abandoned in the 50th century.

The episode we saw last night was the first one and it did all the jobs a pilot should do - introduced the set-up and the characters and added enough mystery to make you want to keep watching.

More info on the show here.


Indy comics publisher Fantagraphics is opening a Seattle retail store.


Scar Stuff serves up a big batch of Halloween-themed LPs for sharing.


Yoko Ono is suing the EMI label saying she's been shorted royalties on John Lennon's record sales.

The lawsuit, filed in Manhattan's state Supreme Court, accuses EMI and Capitol Records Inc. of violating a half-dozen agreements by "willfully and knowingly underreporting royalties" by hiding the "true use and disposition of Lennon's recordings."

Ono's three-page filing, which included a summons and notice but no detailed complaint, also accuses EMI and Capitol of "intentionally and systematically rendering dishonest and grossly deficient accounting statements."


Meanwhile, George Harrison's widow Olivia Harrison says long-awaited reissues of the Traveling Wilburys CDs are slated for release sometime soon. The disks have been out of print forever.

UPDATE: Pre-order and see full info about the Traveling Wilburys reissue here.