Pop Culture Roundup Nov. 21, 2006

Steve Carrell will star in a big screen version of "Get Smart." Anne Hathaway is Agent 99.


Captain Jack will appear in season 3 of "Doctor Who," says actor John Barrowman. Best Doctor Who sites.


Lying in the Gutters shared this mock movie poster by cartoonist Frank Miller for a proposed movie featuring Will Eisner's "The Spirit."


Mmmmmm.... Space Sticks! (Via Bedazzled)


Deal alert: Amazon is offering 50 percent off selected CD box sets and selected new release CDs for $7.99 this week.


Sharity: Liberace's "The Night Before Christmas."


What if religious tract cartoonist Jack Chick had illustrated Marvel Comics' "Galactus" saga instead of Jack Kirby?


George Takei, Sulu of "Star Trek" fame, has been cast as Hiro's dad on "Heroes."

"It was one of those lightning-bolt ideas," series creator Tim Kring told TV Guide.

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London's Indica Gallery, where John Lennon first met Yoko One, has been recreated

The exhibition consists of works by artists such as Ono, some of which were shown at the original gallery and some newer works, as well as a series of specially commissioned pieces by some younger, modern counterparts, all of which relate in some way to each other. "London is at the zeitgeist of the contemporary art scene and we wanted to see how the work from this earlier, more innocent age, related to what is happening now," said Tot Taylor, a director of Riflemaker. "It is about comparing and contrasting the work."

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Video: Beat writer Jack Kerouac's appearance on the "Steve Allen Show."