Pop Culture Roundup Jan. 5, 2007

Sharity: WFMU has MP3s of the rare Velvet Underground tracks that surfaced on a one-of-a-kind acetate that recently sold for a zillion dollars on e-Bay.


From Bedazzled: James Brown on "Soul Train."


The must-read comics history 'zine Alter Ego has an in-depth feature on the famed "Monter Society of Evil" storyline, which ran for 20 issues of Captain Marvel Adventures in the 1940s. You can see an excerpt here and read the whole thing in Alter Ego #64, which you can order here.

I agree with Alter Ego publisher Roy Thomas that DC Comics should publish a book collecting the entire storyline, a move that especially would make sense with cartoonist Jeff (Bone) Smith's new "Monster Society of Evil" mini-series set to debut soon.


Netflix is offering members an exclusive disk that bringers viewers up to speed on NBC's "Heroes" series.

This exclusive season-to-date recap of the hit NBC drama "Heroes" -- which follows a group of ordinary people who discover they have extraordinary abilities -- might help you answer any lingering questions before the show's return to the airwaves on Jan. 22. Can a young dreamer (Milo Ventimiglia) really fly? Is an artist (Santiago Cabrera) truly painting the future? And what force is working to unite them with gifted people from all over the world? The pilot episode of NBC's "The Black Donnellys" is also included.

Netflix members can add the disk to their que now and it'll be delivered beginning Jan. 9.

Best "Heroes" Sites.


Action Figure Insider has some exclusive pics of the upcoming TV-version Batmobile due out later this year from Hot Wheels.


From Silver Age Comics: Clark Kent and Lois Lane compete on "Survivor"?


  1. There was a book that came out in the 80s that reprinted the entire Monster Society story, but it was huge and limited and extremely spendy (and even moreso today, with it being out of print and all). I hope DC does in fact do a collection of their own, but that might be a little too fun for Dan DiDio.


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