Fantagraphics details upcoming Mickey Mouse collections

Fantagraphics' collection of Floyd Gottfredson's complete run on the "Mickey Mouse" comic strip of the 30s and 40s is one of the most exciting things on upcoming comics collection list (although I'm most excited about the same publisher's announced reprinting of Carl Barks' complete run of Donald Duck/Uncle Scrooge comics).

Here, Fantagraphics Publisher Gary Groth details the first volume, "Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse, vol. 1: The Race to Death Valley."

"My impression is that most parents and children have very little understanding of the Mouse as anything but a one dimensional icon. I think readers may be surprised at how feisty a character he was," Groth said. "The stories themselves are classic adventure stories, full of mystery and intrigue. My favorites -- and I have by no means read them all -- have the great, classic villains, The Phantom Blot, for example, and take place in a world of gothic menace."


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