Howard the Duck on Blu-Ray?

There are worse movies that get more respect, I suppose, but the 1986 adaptation of Marvel Comics' Howard the Duck directed by George Lucas is pretty darned awful.

I remember being both disappointed and embarrassed by the film. Disappointed because the Howard comic book series was fabulous -- a funny, well-illustrated, satirical romp that was one of the best comics of the 70s. Embarrassed because most people, including friends I'd encouraged to see the film, would only know Howard by this terrible big screen representation.

Anyway, as with all things awful, the film has its fans (or should that be "fans"), including, evidently the current head of Marvel, Joe Quesada, who participated in this spoof video urging Lucas to put the film out on Blu-ray.


  1. Count me as one of the film's fans. It is it's very badness that appeals to me - I thought it was a stupid idea for a comic book series to begin with, and in my mind the movie is a wonderful spoof of the while thing.


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