Rare photographs of Batman artist Bob Kane with Bat-paintings

These must be from the 1960s Bat-craze, with Kane marketing paintings of Batman and related characters. Anyone have more context?


  1. Just as ghost artists drew most Kane-credited comics, I believe "ghost painters" did these as well (though it's apparent Kane would you like you to believe otherwise). The Catwoman model is pretty cute though! CC

  2. In 1966, when the first season went crazy, Kane worked on these 15 or so large oil paintings. It's thought he designed or art directed them, he signed them and may have done the outlines. The color was definitely done by a ghost artist, I'm told it was a woman. I saw about 8 of these paintings at a Beverly Hills art show when the second Michael Keaton Batman movie came out in the early 1990's. And I am fortunate to own one of these paintings, the one with Batman rushing toward you and the moon in the background. This painting was owned by Cary Grant for many years. Ricky G.

  3. Thanks for the background info, Ricky! Cary Grant... wow!


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