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The Musical History of Greenwich Village. John Sebastian explores the creative influence of Greenwich Village in New York.

Petula Clark. Melanie Chisholm presents a celebration of Petula Clark on her 80th birthday. 

A Short History of VampiresNatalie Haynes introduces the tale of a vampire's battle of wits to rescue her human lover.

Doctor Who. The Whispering Forest: The inhabitants of Purity Bay turn violent - and there's greater danger in store. 

The Goon Show. I Was Monty's Treble: The British hatch a cunning plan to confuse the Germans. But who (or what) is Eccles? 

H.P. Lovecraft: The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Robert Olmstead explores the decrepit town of Innsmouth with a growing sense of unease. 

The Wizard of Oz. An adaptation of the classic. 

The David Bowie Story. Profile of the star. 

The Story of Sparks. History of the cult pop band. 

The Who: Their Generation. Profile of the great group.