Beatles' sanction documentary focusing on touring years

The Beatles' Apple Corps. is cooperating in a planned documentary focusing on the band's touring years from 1963 to 1966 and has put out a call for fan footage, recollections and memorabilia from the era.

An official site for the Beatles Live Project is online here.

The Beatles Live! Project is a collaborative global quest to find and reveal hidden films, sound recordings, stories, photographs, and other media artifacts that were captured during The Beatles' concert tours. The best media and stories that we find will be showcased in a planned feature film about The Beatles’ concert tours. This project provides a one-time opportunity for the fans to collaborate with The Beatles in a planned feature film.

This is a project of OVOW Productions Inc., a feature film production company working with the support of The Beatles’ company Apple Corps Ltd. OVOW Productions has assembled a global team of archivists, collectors, information specialists, artists, social media strategists, amateur media groups, The Beatles fan clubs, writers, academics, and film restoration experts to support the activities in the field. The research will be active through December of 2012.