Dear Prudence, still meditating after all these years

A Florida TV station catches up with Prudence Farrow Bruns, sister of actress Mia Farrow and inspiration for the Beatles' song "Dear Prudence."

Bruns and her sister were in India during the Beatles' 1968 stay at Rishikesh, where they studied Transcendental Meditation with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
...she was so serious about meditation; others in the group began to worry about her. John Lennon was so concerned, he wrote her a song. The result "Dear Prudence", which the Beatles released on their "White Album".
Turns out, Bruns is still at it.
Bruns has continued to follow the teachings and philosophy of meditation her entire life. Now she wants to share meditation with the world through her dear prudence foundation.

“Now I’m ready to give back and so my way of giving back now I can use dear prudence to my advantage. So I’ll raise money with the foundation and all of the money will go toward scholarships for the programs that have to do with TM" said Prudence.

Bruns and her husband are raising money by shooting a documentary of the international Kumbh Melah festival centered on the art of meditation.

"It's where people all over India who are interested in yoga or meditation or actually almost any kind of spirituality for thousands of years" said Albert Bruns.