Art Baltazar and Franco launch Kickstarter to launch new kid-friendly comics title

It's a sad state of affairs when there are so few comic oriented toward children that creators need to go the independent route, but I wish Art Batazar and Franco -- creators of DC Comics' now-canceled Superman Family Adventures and, before that, Tiny Titans -- with this new endeavor.

They duo has launched a Kickstarter to launch a new independent title geared toward kids.

AW YEAH COMICS! will be a new all-reader friendly comic book featuring characters created by Eisner and Harvey award winning cartoonists Art Baltazar and Franco. Though centered around Action Cat and Adventure Bug, AW YEAH COMICS! will have a whole cast of characters created just for this title.

... The plans have been made, amazingly talented people have gotten involved, and we've already begun work on the first six issues. What we're coming to you for is to ask for your help in getting them printed. Our goal of $15,000 is to cover the cost of printing those first six issues, taking care of the (creation and/or shipping of) incentives, and pay the fees that will be incurred after a successful funding.

You can donate here.