Vintage comic book ad: Remember the Monster-size Frankenstein?


  1. I ordered something similar out of Boy's Life in the 70's.The poster came in 2 pieces and was made of trash bag type plastic.As a bonus it came with a "Haunt your house" kit containing a skull, a shrunken head,2 jumping squeeze bulb creatures(octopus and cockroach) a bat and the glow in the dark skeleton hands that you stick in your shirt pocket.Also,little glow in the dark stickers to put over the monsters eyes.I can't remember the price,but I do remember putting coins in an envelope,so it was probably less than a dollar.I remember being thrilled with the whole thing, though the rest of my family made fun of the "U-control monster".even they had to admit the bonus items kind of compensated for the monsters shortcomings

  2. Great story, Brian! Thanks for sharing. I miss the 70s...

  3. Back in 1974 I was a gullible
    9 years old boy living in a New York suburban neighborhood. I sent a check for $1.35 to Honor House for a Monster Size Monster
    in December and didn't receive anything until March of the next year. The promise that it would be "so lifelike you'll probably find yourself talking to him. Won't you be surprized if he answers?" turned into a MONSTER
    disappointment when it turned out to be just a plastic poster with glow-in-the-dark eyes! I'm still waiting for a real 7 feet tall Monster to this day!

  4. In 1975 I was just 10 and ordered
    the Honor House Monster Ghost
    which "Obeys your commands!"
    only it did not do anything!

  5. Ahhhh, the 70s when a kid could thumb through a comic book and long for enough money to buy these things! this poster and sea monkeys found there way to my room, sea monkeys didn't last long, but the poster made excellent kite material one year that my Dad helped me make! thanks for the memories Daddy! RIP...


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