Creepy talking Batman figures on the way

um... their heads are too big, man. Freaking me out.
Based on the classic Batman television series starring Adam West and Burt Ward, Wonderland Toy Company's new 17" talking figures recreate Batman, Robin, and The Joker in an impressive 1/6-scale! Each figure is bendable and poseable, and when you squeeze the figure's belly it will say one of fifteen different quotes sampled from the series! Batman's quotes include "To the Batpoles," "It's time for a little trickery of our own, Robin," and "I understand Bruce Wayne is a man of great understanding and compassion." Robin's quotes include "Okay, Batman, let's deliver the punchline," "Holy Barracude," and "Well, what are we waiting for?" The Joker's quotes include, "Ha ha ha ha! Corny, aren't I?" "Stay away from me," and "E-gads, what sourcery is this?"