Yoe Books announces "Ditko's Shorts" book!

Not only did he co-create Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, comics artist Steve Ditko produced a whole bunch of one-, two- and three-page comics stories for a variety of different publishers.

Yoe Books collects some of those tales in a new volume out in December and just announced today via Craig Yoe's Twitter feed.

Here's a look:
Ditko's Shorts is a fun and incredibly fascinating compilation of short comics one, two and three pages in length. Only a brilliant master could tell a dramatic, compelling tale in such compact form. You'll thrill as Ditko walks this exciting high-wire act without a net! The many stories contained in this hardcover are fast-paced and sport terrific, compelling artwork as only Steve Ditko can draw it! The genres show the artist's great range. There's horror, fantasy, science fiction, western, and even humorous stories. Taken from rare comic books from a who's who of publishers, all the comics are meticulously restored and printed in a beautiful, large-format book. Insightful introductions by punk-rocker and comics historian Fester Faceplant and Eisner Award-winner Craig Yoe. Don't miss Ditko's Shorts - sure to be a much loved and talked about Ditko treasure!