ZBS Media announces Saratoga Noir audio/comics series!

I've been a fan of ZBS' mystical/magical/comical audio programs since I first discovered Jack Flanders and the "Fourth Tower of Inverness" back in 1975.

Great stories that still dazzle today. So I always enjoy passing along news of their latest programs. This one looks like fun. Check out the ZBS website for more info. If you haven't tried any of these shows, and are a fan of old radio shows and good stories, you really need to. Any other fans out there? Let me know in the comments!

Above is an example of things to come.  On Monday, June 30th, we’ll post Episode #1 of Saratoga Noir.  There are 20 episodes, we will offer them all, for free, on our website www.zbs.org
Along with the comic strip is the audio; a magnificent example of contemporary comic-strip radio drama created just for the internet.  Many of the same actors you’ve heard in Ruby and Jack Flanders are playing different characters, acting their little hearts out, in Saratoga Noir.
Why Noir?  
Because Saratoga Springs has such an amazing history, the oldest racetrack in the country, the old gambling casinos, the old spas and healing spring waters, and the shady characters that lurked about in the shadows.  Even though this is set in present-day Saratoga, there’s plenty going on right now.
The Plot
Danny Boyee, a local private investigator, who is barely paying the rent, is hired to find a pussycat; a Balinese wearing a very expensive diamond collar.  Vicki Millhouse, an ex-showgirl who married into old Saratoga money, hires Danny to find her kidnapped cat.  But something as simple as finding a pussycat, quickly turns into danger and intrigue for unsuspecting Danny Boyee. 
The Episodes
Starting June 30th, Episode #1, the comic strip and the audio, will be on the ZBS website.  It will be up all week.  And then every Monday, and every Friday, a new episode will be released.  The series will play throughout the summer.  We do hope you’ll catch a few.  They really are fun (as you can see above).
CDs & MP3 Downloads
You will be able to buy the series one day.  But for now, it’s free.  


  1. Also a big fan of ZBS's work. I miss two things from the earlier productions, 1 Tim Clark and 2 a quick cast list at the end. But I am enjoying this serial a great deal.


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