Comics solicitations for September 2014: Spider-Man; Thor; Deadly Hands of Kung Fu; Moon Knight; Teen Titans; Superman; Aurora West; Mickey Mouse; Donald Duck, more!

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Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection: Great Power
Volume #1 in the Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collections Written by STAN LEE Penciled by STEVE DITKO with JACK KIRBY Cover by STEVE DITKO In 1962, in the pages of a comic book slated for cancellation, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko gave birth to one of the most enduring icons in American popular culture: the Amazing Spider-Man! Turning the concept of a super hero on its head, they imbued the young, guilt-ridden Peter Parker with the fantastic powers of an arachnid and the fantastic pressures of an everyday teenager. The combination was pure magic. Now, you can leap into Spider-Man's web-slinging world from the very beginning, including the tragic origin that started it all; the first appearances of the Daily Bugle and J. Jonah Jameson; and the debut of classic villains including the Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, the Sandman, the Vulture and Electro! Collecting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) #1-17 and ANNUAL #1, and material from AMAZING FANTASY (1962) #15. 504 PGS

Deadly Hands of Kung Fu: Out of the Past
Written by MIKE BENSON, GERRY CONWAY & CHRIS CLAREMONT Penciled by TAN ENG HUAT, DICK GIORDANO & MARSHALL ROGERS Cover by DAVE JOHNSON Murder! Mystery! Martial arts! Shang-Chi's former lover is murdered while working deep undercover for MI-6. Shang-Chi travels to England, but learns that all is not as it seems -- and if he's not careful, he'll be next to die! As Shang-Chi battles mystical kung-fu masters in the streets of London and learns terrible truths about his fallen comrade, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing pitch in -- but they soon discover the danger is greater than any of them had feared! And no one saw the final twist of the knife coming! Old friends, new enemies, espionage and kung fu collide in this riveting adventure! Plus, classic tales featuring the Sons of the Tiger and the Daughters of the Dragon! Collecting DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU (2014) #1-4, and material from DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU (1974) #1 and #32-33. 160 PGS.

Marvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor Volume 13
Written by GERRY CONWAY Penciled by JOHN BUSCEMA with RICH BUCKLER, SAL BUSCEMA, ARVELL JONES & KEITH POLLARD Cover by GIL KANE Prepare to behold one of the greatest sagas in the annals of Asgard when the Mighty Thor teams up with Hercules! It's page after page of boasts, battles and broken bones as the two titans fight their way into Pluto's underworld to save the lovely Krista! And that's not all we have in store for you: Thor, Sif and Balder's journey across the cosmos to stop the mysterious Black Stars from destroying the Rigellian homeworld; the unstoppable Destroyer returns; Galactus' herald Firelord makes his debut; and the origin of Ego the Living Planet is revealed! With scripts by Gerry Conway and art by the incomparable John Buscema, there's no doubt they're Marvel Masterworks of the highest order! Collecting THOR (1966) #217-228 and MARVEL TREASURY EDITION #3 256 PGS.

Marvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor Volume 5
Written by STAN LEE Penciled by JACK KIRBY Cover by JACK KIRBY & RICHARD ISANOVE A masterpiece of immortal action, cosmic scope and boundless drama, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's THOR marks a cornerstone of the Marvel Universe -- and in this collection they kick their efforts up a cosmic notch! It begins when Thor is captured by Rigellian colonizers and pitted against Ego, the Living Planet! The action continues non-stop from there as Thor faces the High Evolutionary and his man-beasts, battles the Ulik the Troll in the under-earth menace's first appearance, and confronts the unstoppable Destroyer! There's a soft spot to these tales, too, as Thor struggles to reconcile his love for the mortal Jane Foster. And when Lady Sif returns, the cup runneth over with drama and delight! Collecting THOR (1966) #131-140 and ANNUAL #2. 264 PGS.

Moon Knight Epic Collection: Bad Moon Rising
Volume #1 in the Moon Knight Epic Collections Written by DOUG MOENCH, DAVID ANTHONY KRAFT, BILL MANTLO & STEVEN GRANT Penciled by DON PERLIN, KEITH GIFFEN, MIKE ZECK, JIM MOONEY, JIM CRAIG, GENE COLAN, KEITH POLLARD & BILL SIENKIEWICZ Cover by BILL SIENKIEWICZ Discover the many faces of the Moon Knight! Mercenary. Werewolf hunter. Super hero. Millionaire playboy. Cab driver. Ghost? Moon Knight is many things to many people, with the multiple personalities to match! Follow the Fist of Khonshu as he battles to find his place in the Marvel Universe in this collection of his earliest appearances. From his startling debut as a nemesis of Werewolf by Night to an unlikely stint with the Defenders, from encounters with Spider-Man and the Thing to the solo adventures that shaped a legend, relive the rise of the moon's specter of vengeance! Collecting WEREWOLF BY NIGHT (1972) #32-33; MARVEL SPOTLIGHT (1971) #28-29; DEFENDERS (1972) #47-50; PETER PARKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN (1976) #22-23; MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE (1974) #52; MOON KNIGHT (1980) #1-4 -- plus material from HULK MAGAZINE #11-15, #17-18 and #20; and MARVEL PREVIEW #21. 504 PGS.

Spider-Man Newspaper Strips Volume 2
Written by STAN LEE Penciled by JOHN ROMITA SR. & LARRY LIEBER Cover by JOHN ROMITA SR. Extra! Extra! Read all the Spidey strips by Stan "The Man" Lee and "Jazzy" John Romita! The second volume compiling all of Stan and John's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN newspaper strips in chronological order, this titanic tome brings you the classic panels that hit the papers in the late 1970s and early 1980s! All the daily strips are printed in the original black and white, and all the Sundays in color, ready to spin a web of enchantment upon anyone who reads them! Collecting the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN newspaper strips from Jan. 29, 1979, to Jan. 11, 1981. 312 PGS

Thor Epic Collection: The God of Thunder
Volume #1 in the Thor Epic Collections Written by STAN LEE with LARRY LIEBER & ROBERT BERNSTEIN Penciled by JACK KIRBY with JOE SINNOTT, DON HECK & AL HARTLEY Cover by JACK KIRBY Pull up a seat to the beginning of one of the greatest tales of modern myth: the epic saga of the Mighty Thor! While vacationing in Norway, Dr. Donald Blake discovered a strange, gnarled cane. Upon striking it, a shower of lightning rained down -- and the hobbled doctor found himself transformed into Thor, God of Thunder! In these pages, you'll journey across the Rainbow Bridge to Eternal Asgard -- and meet Lord Odin, Heimdall, Balder and Thor's evil half-brother, Loki, for the first time. And to top it off, the mythological origins of Asgard are revealed in fan-favorite backup features! Collecting JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY (1952) #83-109. 480 PGS

Teen Titans: A Celebration of 50 Years
Written by BOB HANEY, MARV WOLFMAN, GEOFF JOHNS and others Art by NICK CARDY, GEORGE PEREZ, MIKE McKONE and others Cover by GEORGE PEREZ On sale NOVEMBER 5 * 400 pg, FC, $75.00 US TEEN TITANS: A CELEBRATION OF 50 YEARS collects a wide range of stories featuring comics' greatest teen superteam, including Nightwing, Cyborg, Superboy, Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven and more! This anthology collects stories from some of the industry's legendary talents, including Marv Wolfman, George Perez and Geoff Johns.

Superman: The Golden Age Sundays 1946-1949
Various (w & a) * Pete Poplaski (c) In a full eighteen adventures, Superman's travels take him around the globe as well as through time and space. The Man of Steel solves the case of the Curiosity Crimes, becomes a rival for Cleopatra's affections in ancient Egypt, is exposed to radiation that turns him into Superbabe, battles a prehistoric animal called a "Paleomatzoball" (!), reprises the "Superman's Service to Servicemen" series with a couple of services for veterans, encounters an ancient civilization in the lost valley of Ru, meets up with Angus the talking dog, and to top it all off, witnesses Lois marrying Clark Kent--or does he?! Superman was created in 1938 by two ambitious Cleveland youngsters, Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel. Their defender of the oppressed became an enduring smash sensation in comics, radio, animation, television, and motion pictures. He remains the little guy's White Knight, battling terrestrial and extra-terrestrial menaces and standing for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. HC * FC * $49.99 * 180 pages * 9.25" x 12" * Collects nearly 170 sequential Sunday pages from August 11, 1946 to October 16, 1949!

Worst of Eerie Publications
Various (w) * Dick Ayers, Chic Stone, Domingo Mandrafina, and more (a) * TBD (c) Collected for the first time in a deluxe edition are the comics that deserve it the least: the infamous Eerie Publications' horror comics! Incredibly gory and crazy, the Eerie Pubs pushed the boundaries of good taste with blood-drenched, spine-cracking tales ripped (and redrawn) from the pages of Pre-Code horror comics. Illustrated terror by Dick Ayers, Chic Stone, Domingo Mandrafina, the Iger Shop, and many other unsung masters of the morbid, presented in glorious, carefully re-mastered black and white. And who can forget those nausea-inducing covers? A dirty dozen of deadly, full-color covers are reproduced for your discomfort and revulsion. Gratuitous gore! Multi-Monster Madness! Bound Beauties!

The Rise of Aurora West (Battling Boy)
(W) Paul Pope, J T Petty (A/CA) David Rubin The extraordinary world introduced in Paul Pope's Battling Boy is rife with monsters and short on heroes, and in this action-driven extension of the Battling Boy universe, we see it through a new pair of eyes: Aurora West, daughter of Arcopolis's last great hero, Haggard West. A prequel to Battling Boy, The Rise of Aurora West follows the young hero as she seeks to uncover the mystery of her mother's death, and to find her place in a world overrun with supernatural monsters and all-too-human corruption.

The Warren Commission Report: A Graphic Investigation into the Kennedy Assassination
(W) Ernie Colon, Dan Mishkin (A/CA) Ernie Colon, Jerzy Drozd Within days of the murder of President John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson appointed a seven-member commission to investigate the assassination. In its report, the Warren Commission determined that there was "no credible evidence" conflicting with its conclusion of a lone gunman. The Warren Commission Report: A Graphic Investigation into the Kennedy Assassination breaks down how decisions in the days that followed the assassination not only shaped how the commission reconstructed events but also helped foster the conspiracy theories that play a part in American politics to this day.

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Vol. 6: "Lost In Lands Long Ago" (Vol. 6)  (Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse)
by Floyd Gottfredson; edited by David Gerstein and Gary Groth $35.00 / HC / 288 pgs / BW with some color / 10.5 x 8.75 MICKEY MOUSE VOLS 5 & 6 GIFT BOX SET by Floyd Gottfredson; edited by David Gerstein and Gary Groth $49.99 / HC / 576 pgs / BW with some color / 10.5 x 8.75 Fantagraphics' award winning archival series continues with Mickey and Goofy enter a prehistoric lost world teeming with danger. From stampeding brontosaurs to saber-tooth tigers, all of Goofy's least favorite Stone Age scares are here. Author Floyd Gottfredson produced a cavalcade of rip-roaring tales starring Mickey and Lost in Lands of Long Agois no exception. Also included are several other stories and more than 30 pages of rare behind-the-scenes art, vintage publicity material, and fascinating commentary by a clan of Disney cave bears.

Nancy Loves Sluggo: Complete Dailies 1949-1951
by Ernie Bushmiller; Introduction by Ivan Brunetti $39.99 / SC / 336 pgs / BW with spot-color / 8.5 x 8.5 Connoisseurs including Art Spiegelman, Daniel Clowes, Joe Brainard, and Andy Warhol have recognized that Ernie Bushmiller's Nancyapproached its own kind of zen-like cartoon perfection. Fantagraphics' beloved Nancyseries finally packages Nancywith the reverence it deserves. Our third volume contains another full three years of daily Nancystrips, from an era many regard as Bushmiller's finest.

The Ghost Of The Grotto: Starring Walt Disney's Donald Duck
by Carl Barks $12.99 / SC / 96 pgs / FC / 5.5 x 7.25 One of Donald Duck's most famous adventures leads off our new line of affordable kid-sized Donald Duck books: budget-minded books packed with fun, laughs, and adventure in every 96-page edition. Each story is complete with all the original story and art. Includes the title story plus bonus stories, all written and drawn by Disney legend Carl Barks!

Exploring Calvin and Hobbes: An Exhibition Catalogue
(W/A/CA) Bill Watterson Exploring Calvin and Hobbes is the catalogue for an exhibit by the same name at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum at Ohio State University, which opened in March 2014. The exhibit is Bill Watterson's personal exploration of how the wonder of Calvin and Hobbes came to be. It includes original art of Calvin and Hobbes, along with Watterson's original commentary on each. The show also includes art from cartoonists who Watterson has identified as influential in the development of his art, including Peanuts, Pogo, Krazy Kat, Doonesbury, Pat Oliphant, Jim Borgman, Flash Gordon, Bloom County, and Steadman. (STK648088) NOTE: This item may be available through other retail outlets before shipping to comic book specialty shops.

The Batman Files
(W) Matthew K. Manning (A) Various Unearthed from the depths of the Batcave, The Batman Files begins with Bruce Wayne's childhood drawings and continues along a time line of significant events in Batman's life. Complete and authentic in every way possible, all of Batman's friends and foes appear throughout the dossier to provide a framework of the Caped Crusader's entire career. Completely outlining Batman's war on crime, The Batman Files includes in-depth computer files, news articles, crime scene photos, blueprints, schematics, and actual maps of Gotham City that were collected, and in many cases even drawn, by the Caped Crusader himself. (STK648086) (C: 0-1-0) HC, 10x13, 308pgs,

75 Years of Marvel Comics
(W) Roy Thomas (A) Various From the very first issue of pulp impresario Martin Goodman's Marvel Comics in 1939, Marvel created a mythological universe grounded in a world that readers recognize as close to their own, brimming with humor and heartache. In the early 1960s, this audacious approach launched the creation of heroes who have since become household names -- Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, the Avengers, Thor, the X-Men, the list goes on. In celebration of Marvel's 75th anniversary, TASCHEN presents a magnum opus of the most influential comic book publisher today, with an inside look not only at its celebrated characters, but also at the "bullpen" of architects whose names are almost as familiar as the protagonists they brought to life -- Stan "the Man" Lee, Jack "King" Kirby, along with a roster of greats like Steve Ditko, John Romita, John Buscema, Marie Severin, and countless others. With essays by comics historian and former Marvel editor-in-chief Roy Thomas, this book delves into the heart of thousands of costumed characters who continue to fight the good fight in comics, movies, and toy aisles of the world.