Thomas Pynchon edits "Simpsons" guest dialogue

Reclusive novelist Thomas Pynchon is providing a guest voice spot to an upcoming episode of "The Simpsons" and is reportedly such a big fan of Homer that he edited one of the jokes.
The National Book Award-winning writer, who has appeared in three episodes of the long-running Fox comedy, insisted that the writers on one of his episodes remove a line in which Pynchon's character says, "Marge is a great cook. No wonder Homer is such a fat-ass."

...On faxed notes to the Simpsons staff, Pynchon wrote, "Sorry, guys. Homer is my role model and I won't speak ill of him."

He also changed a few of the lines to incorporate some Pynchon puns. Originally, Pynchon was supposed to describe Marge's cooking as "scrumptious." The publicity-shy author of V changed the line to "V-licious."