Pop Focus: Spy music of the 1960s

On the heels of our look at 1960s Batman records, let's shine the spotlight on another musical cash-in trend of that decade: spy music.

James Bond and it's cool twangy theme song, not to mention brassy Bassey's "Goldfingah" helped kicks things off, of course.

Every spy movie or TV show that followed in the tracks of OO7's Aston Martin, of course, needed its own, similarly catchy and dynamic music in the John Barry/Monty Norman template: "I Spy," "The Man From U.N.C.L.E.," "The Ipcress File," etc., etc.

Below is a cover gallery that runs the gamut from official soundtracks to surf band cover versions to budget label knock-offs: bring on the guns and bikinis!

And, if you want a nice sampler of spy tunes, without going broke chasing down the original vinyl, checkout this excellent compilation.

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