Coming Up: Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Vol. 8: "The Tomorrow Wars"

Out Oct. 2, 2015.

When a magic cloak sends Mickey to the future, he expects to see wild high-tech innovations ― but he didn’t count on high-tech warlord Pegleg Pete, whose robot Mekka Men hold the World of Tomorrow in an iron grip. It’s up to Mickey, Minnie, and fembot femme-fatale Mimi to end this electronic enemy’s reign of terror! 
Floyd Gottfredson, artist of Mickey Mouse from 1930-1975, created decades of masterful stories starring Mickey as an epic adventurer and time-traveler. You never know where ― or when ― he’ll go next!
Case in point: the other tales in this book! You’ll find Mickey on Cap’n Skidd’s 19th century ghost ship, facing a two-timing island princess! Then Mickey inherits Uncle Max’s “House of Mystery” ― and his battle against creepy chemist Drusilla and her morbid minions!
Restored from Disney’s original proof sheets, The Tomorrow Wars also includes more than 20 pages of futuristic extras! Black and white with partial color.

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