Pop Focus: Transistor radios

Back in the days before everyone did everything on their stupid phones, and before the days of Sony Walkmen and iPods, people - at least teenagers - listened to music on these things.

Yes, the sound was mono and kinda crummy, and most of these things only took one "ear phone." But the music hasn't been as good since they roamed the Earth in kids' shirts and back pockets.

Here's a look at some of the snazziest, plastic transistor radios we've seen in our online travels. What are your transistor memories?


  1. You take me back. The power of the transistor radio to bring pleasure cannot be overestimated. It was a huge tool for individual entertainment in a world brimming with three or maybe four TV stations, a half dozen AM stations (on a good day) and the unproven mystery of FM radio. I look at kids today glued to their phones and I get the urge, but the power they have is staggering.

    Rip Off

  2. Neat idea to show the transistor radios. I used to have a few back in the day. I was surprised that some of them cost so much money.


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