Pop culture roundup: Adam West; Paul McCartney; David Tennant; Sean Lennon and Yoko Ono; David Lynch and Vincent Price; Al Feldstein and Harvey Kurtzman!!

Via Geeky Tyrant: Sun Valley, Idaho, resident and former TV Batman Adam West is a funny guy. Check out these listings in his local Yellow Pages:


Via Meet the Beatles For Real: Paul McCartney wins Beatles trivia contest.


Former Doctor Who actor David Tennant is voicing a droid on this Saturday's episode of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" this Saturday.


In the spirit of the John and Yoko "War is Over!" billboards, Sean Lennon and his mom have put up a billboard voicing their opposition to fracking.


Via Dangerous Minds: Here's a pic of 11-year-old David Lynch meeting Vincent Price.

UPDATE: According to one of our regular readers, the kid in the pic is not THE David Lynch. Oh well, it's a cute pic, regardless!

According to the Comics Journal, Al Feldstein and the Estate of Harvey Kurtman are suing to gain copyright over the classic EC Comics works produced by the two artist/writers.
The claims filed by Feldstein and the Kurtzman estate are based on the Copyright Law of 1976, the same law that allowed Jerry Siegel’s estate to reclaim its share of the Superman copyrights. The law was intended to address the fact that, over the years, the terms of copyrights have been extended again and again, giving them a value far beyond the compensation originally paid to authors. The extensions have kept properties like Mickey Mouse from falling into the public domain. When Siegel and Shuster sold their rights to Superman, the initial term of a copyright was 28 years. When that term expired, the copyrights could be renewed for another 28 years. The Copyright Law of 1976 and the 1992 Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act allowed copyright terms to be further extended, but provided that authors could reclaim their copyrights whenever they came up for renewal by the corporate owner.


  1. FYI--that's not THE David Lynch in that picture with Mr. Price. Just a coincidence.


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