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Pop Culture Roundup: Toxic Avenger, E. Nelson Bridwell, Michael Caine, More!

Peter Dinklage stars in a reboot of the Toxic Avenger.

ITEM! Read a rare interview with the late comics writer/editor E. Nelson Bridwell.

ITEM! Comics creators Mark Waid and Howard Chaykin are teaching a class on the craft.

ITEM! Actor Michael Caine, 90, says he's "sort of retired now."

ITEM! George R.R. Martin and other authors are suing Open AI.

Pop Culture Roundup: Captain America Musical Soundtrack, Rolling Stones Documentary, Slayers

You can now hear the complete score to "Rogers," the Captain America musical.

ITEM! A documentary about the new Rolling Stones album is on the way.

ITEM! "Buffy" star Charisma Carpenter says a new audio drama based on the shows characters bring justice to Cordelia.

Pop Culture Roundup: Buffy, Micky Dolenz, Alan Moore!

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" stars are reuniting for a new Spike-focused audio series.

ITEM! Listen to Micky Dolenz's cover of "Shiny Happy People." Or don't!

ITEM! Alan Moore has asked DC to send his TV and movie royalties to Black Lives Matter.

Pop Culture Roundup: Wolvie in Yellow, Timothee Sounds Like Bing, Brady House Undersells, More!

Wolverine's costume in "Deadpool 3" is straight from the funnybooks. 

ITEM! Timothée Chalamet evidently sings like Bing Crosby.

ITEM! Disney has announced a $1,500 Blu-ray box set collecting 100 animated classics. Can't we just stream 'em?

ITEM! The "Brady Bunch" house sold for 42% under asking price.

Pop Culture Roundup: Batman Day, Rolling Stones, Micky Dolenz

Batman Day is coming up. 

ITEM! Two tracks from the new Rolling Stones LP include the group's late drummer Charlie Watts. Original bassist Bill Wyman also appears on a tune.

ITEM! I didn't see this coming: Micky Dolenz Sings R.E.M.

Pop Culture Roundup: Indian Archies! Talking Heads Make Up! 'Only Murders' Easter Eggs! More!

Netflix is set to air a made-in-India adaptation of the Archies.

ITEM! Talking Heads guitarist/keyboardist Jerry Harrison said the group is letting bygones be bygones. They'll be reuniting for a panel discussion to highlight the 40th anniversary of "Stop Making Sense."

ITEM! Bob Dylan once gave Post Malone an unfinished song to finish.

ITEM! Have you spotted all the Meryl Streep Easter eggs in the new season of "Only Murders in the Building"?

Pop Culture Roundup: Unpublished Kirby Covers, Girl Sleuths, Fess Parker, More!

Check out these unpublished comic book covers from Jack Kirby.

ITEM! A library exhibit in New York pays tribute to "girl sleuths."

ITEM! Dr. Seuss classics are being adapted as podcasts.

ITEM! A look back at Fess Parker's never realized Frontier World

Pop Culture Roundup: Talkin' About My Regeneration, Bowie's Books, Billie Eilish in Coach and More!

Jodie Whittaker's regeneration into David Tennant earned "Doctor Who" the "TV Moment of the Year" award

ITEM! A look at David Bowie's 100 must-read books.

ITEM! Billie Eilish is getting praised for flying economy. 

ITEM! Comics greats pay tribute to veteran Marvel inker Dan Green.

Pop Culture Roundup: Marv Wolfman Back with Drac, 'Jeopardy' Host on Strike, 'Derry Girls' Creator Returns, More!

Veteran comics scribe Marv Wolfman is returning to Marvel's Tomb of Dracula with a special What If...? issue. 

ITEM! Mayim Bialik is off "Celebrity Jeopardy" until the Hollyood writers strike is resolved.

ITEM! "Derry Girls" creator Lisa McGee has a new comedy-drama in the works.

ITEM! The "Frasier" revival will debut in October.

ITEM! Did the Rolling Stones just sneakily announce a new LP?

Sad News: Longtime Marvel Comics inker Dan Green is dead at age 70.

Pop Culture Roundup: So Long, Netflix DVDs! Marvel's Thunderbolts! Breaking up with David Byrne! More!

ITEM! Netflix is sending out 10 random free DVDs to subscribers of its hard copy plan, which is being phased out. I remember getting those red envelopes in the mail...

ITEM! Info on Marvel's upcoming "Thunderbolts" film.

ITEM! "Persepolis" author Marjane Satrap has no plans to make further comics.

ITEM! Comic art by Rick Veitch and Steve Bissette stolen in 1979 has turned up.

ITEM! David Byrne regrets Talking Heads' acrimonious breakup.

Sad News: Legendary British talk show host Michael Parkinson is dead at age 88.

Pop Culture Roundup: Talking Heads (sort of) Reunion, Brian Eno Soundtrack, Harvey Awards

ITEM! Talking Heads are reuniting for a live Q&A about "Stop Making Sense."

ITEM! Brian Eno is releasing an album of his soundtrack to Netflix's "Top Boy" series.

ITEM! Nominees for the comics industry's Harvey Awards have been announced.

Pop Culture Roundup: Lando, Tina Fey, Taylor Swift, Stan Lee, More!

ITEM! Donald Glover and his brother Stephen are writing a new "Lando" Star Wars series for Disney+. 

ITEM! Tina Fey is reportedly in talks to take over "Saturday Night Live" from original producer Lorne Michaels.

ITEM! Fans at a Taylor Swift show in Seattle caused earthquake-level seismic activity.

ITEM! A look at how Stan Lee, rightly or wrongly, became the face of Marvel.

Pop Culture Roundup: DC Dioramas, Barbie, Eisner Winners!

ITEM! Remember those dioramas on the back covers of DC Comics' Treasury Editions? Here's how they'd look if you actually assembled them.

ITEM! Greta Gerwig had to fight to retain a key emotional svene in "Barbie."

ITEM! Also in "Barbie": A joking reference to 90s indie band Pavement.

ITEM! The 2023 Eisner Awards have been announced.

Pop Culture Roundup: Tony Bennett, Beach Boys, Cowboy Bebop

ITEM! The great Tony Bennett is dead at age 96. One of the last classic crooners.

ITEM! The Beach Boys have released Atmos mixes of five of their classic pre-Pet Sounds LPs.

ITEM! Adult Swim has ordered a new series from "Cowboy Bebop" creator Shinichirō Watanabe. 

Pop Culture Roundup: Jim Vadeboncoeur, Neil Gaiman, Roald Dahl

ITEM! A tribute to famed comics collector/historian Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr., by the equally famed comics retailer Bud Plant.

ITEM! A new issue of Mark Wheatley's Nucleus X fanzine will include an illustrated poem by Neil Gaiman.

ITEM! The Roald Dahl Museum has copped to its namesake's racism.