Pop culture roundup: Steranko; Hendrix; Doctor Who; Superman!

Rip Jagger's Dojo spotlights some of Jim Steranko's more-overlooked comics covers, including this gem:


A new collection of 12 "previously unreleased" Jimi Hendrix will be out March 5, 2013, under the title People, Hell and Angels.

The collection reportedly dates from 1968-69 and features the guitarist experimenting with horns, keyboards and other new sounds.

To me, this sounds like the sort of stuff featured on previous posthumous Hendrix collections, such as South Saturn Delta, but we'll see. His recordings have been repackaged so many times, it makes one wary.


The early Doctor Who story, "The Reign of Terror" is being prepped for DVD release Feb. 12, the BBC has announced. The serial dates from 1964 and star first Doctor William Hartnell. Two of the six episodes that have gone missing will be recreated using animation.


Warner Bros. has posted nearly all the gorgeously animated Max Fleischer Superman shorts on its official YouTube channel and they look great.