Pop Culture Roundup: Brady Bunch! Spies! Dixie Cups! P-Funk! Wally Wood!

Ann B. Davis, who played the lovable maid, Alice, on "The Brady Bunch," died at age 88 earlier this week. Variety shares a list of 12 facts many of us probably didn't know about the actress.
She co-starred with John Forsythe, later of “Dynasty” fame, and Elsa Lanchester, aka “Bride of Frankenstein,” in the short-lived 1965-66 NBC comedy “The John Forsythe Show,” about an Air Force major who inherits a girls’ school.

Spy Vibe takes a look at vintage secret agent model kits!


NPR remembers the Dixie Cups' great single "Chapel of Love," which turns 50 this month.


The Parliament-Funkadelic "mothership" is heading to the Smithsonian.
It's 1976 in Houston, and a rapturous crowd is swaying back and forth to the infectious funk of -Funkadelic's "Mothership Connection." Then, suddenly, it's there. A sparkling silver spaceship appears with flashing strobe lights shining from its feet, spewing smoke as it lands on the stage. Out steps frontman .

...Clinton says that when he created the Mothership, he was trying to outdo everything in rock 'n' roll, including the elaborate Broadway musical Hair.
"I definitely felt we needed something to be proud of as black people," Clinton says. "We wanted to have a funk opera."


Via Cap'n's Comics: Wally Wood invents "Game of Thrones."