Pop Culture Roundup: George R.R. Martin - Fantastic Four Fan! Jack Kirby's weirdest creations! Thunderbirds are Go! Doc Savage paperbacks!

Via io9: Check out "Game of Thrones" author George R.R. Martin's snotty 1963 letter to Fantastic Four creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.


 What Culture counts down the strangest Jack Kirby creations. Number 10: Doughboy.


Britain's ITV has released a teaser image from it's upcoming "Thunderbirds are Go!" series based on Gerry Anderson's 1960s "marionation" show of the same name. It's set to debut next year.
The ITV reboot will use a combination of CGI animation and live-action model sets to create an updated version of the original show. Gone Girl star Rosamund Pike will voice the character Lady Penelope, while original cast member David Graham will reprise his role as her adenoidal-voiced chauffeur Parker.

The Golden Age presents a gallery of James Bama's Doc Savage paperback covers. These are the ones I grew up with.