Pop Culture Roundup: The Clangers; Keith Richards; Mel Brooks; iPod Classic; James Bond

Monty Python's Michael Palin will narrate "The Clangers," a revival of a beloved 1960s British TV program.
The CBeebies programme will air in the UK next spring.

"The world of the Clangers is delightful and irresistible," Palin said. The original show first aired in 1969 on BBC One.

The clangers communicate with unusual whistles while the narrator comments on the events that take place in their universe.

Palin added: "It's a real pleasure and a great privilege to be a part of its return to television."


Keith Richards chats about his new children's book. Yeah. Really.
My publishers first came up with this idea. They said, "There's certain chapters about your grandfather that could make a great children's book." Children's book? This is not my line (laughs). ... And just about that same time my eldest daughter ... she said, "Guess what?" And I know that look in a woman's eyes. "Don't tell me you're pregnant, which means fifth grandchild." ... I thought, "Hey, there's something to be said for this" and I've always wanted to give my ole grandfather Gus, bless him, a little more memorial than he's had.


Comedian Mel Brooks wore a fake fingerprint during tribute ceremony in Hollywood this week, leaving 11 fingerprints in the concrete outside the TCL Chinese Theatre.

He also kept his shoes on when leaving his footprints.

The big news from Apple this week? Forget about phones and watches, the beloved iPod Classic is being discontinued.

I still use mine all the time. As a music player it holds a zillion songs (mine is 160GB) and sounds much superior to what you can hear on a phone, especially if you upload tunes in a high-quality or lossless format.


One man's ginormous James Bond collection.