Check out ZBS Media's new audio drama: "The Night Has Begun"

ZBS Media and scripter/producer Meatball Fulton have produced a new audio series and are airing free episodes each Monday and Friday through Halloween on their website. Hear the first ep here.

If you haven't entered Fulton's funny/mystical/adventurous world before, you should get a kick out of it. I grew up hearing his fabulous Jack Flanders adventures on my local college radio station and enthusiastically recommend them to anyone who loves cool things.

Background info:
The spark that ignited The Night happened when Mr. Fulton was trekking through the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan and wandered into a room filled with carved wooden sculptures, masks, shields, totem poles, and a gigantic elaborately carved dugout canoe the size of a fallen tree.  When he saw this, he stopped in his tracks.  We’ve all seen primitive art, but these things were alive.

The Headhunters
It turned out to be the works of the Asmat headhunters of Irian Jaya, Indonesia.  Meatball began to wonder, “Why do I feel these things are breathing?”  When he began his research, he discovered that the carvers believe the spirits of their ancestors still live within the sculptures.  In fact, it’s the ancestor’s spirits that inspire their art and guide their hand.

The Story
And so Meatball began to wonder, is it possible to tap this energy he‘s feeling?  The Asmat, besides being headhunters, are also known for their curses.  Someone has done them wrong, then there’s nothing like a good curse to make things right, to restore the balance in their universe.