Pop culture roundup: Sherlock Holmes; Saturday morning cartoons; Raymond Chandler

Via BoingBoing: Learn about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's mentor, Joseph Bell - the real-life Sherlock Holmes.


Mark Evanier, a veteran writer of animated TV series, discusses the end of Saturday morning cartoons.
As a kid, I loved watching cartoons on the networks on Saturday morning…but I don't think it was because of the networks or the day. It's just that I loved cartoons and that's where they were. Now, they're everywhere. That is not a bad thing for those of us who love animation.

As an adult writing cartoons, there was something to be said for working in the network Saturday morning marketplace. There was something nice about doing a show when the only real concern was not the attendant marketing campaign and whether the show would get picked up in Rangoon. All we cared about really was doing a show that kids would watch.

A better time? On the whole, I don't think so…because when it was just ABC, NBC and CBS, we were too often under ridiculous restrictions both in terms of "broadcast standards" (censorship) and the very limited ideas you encountered as to what made for a good show. I retain my nostalgic fondness for the experience of watching cartoons on Saturday morning on those networks. But I think I'm glad animation broke out of that.

Via Retro to Go: Check out the Raymond Chandler map of Los Angeles.