Pop culture roundup: Star Wars; Paddington; Dickens; Johnny Cash

With Marvel ramping up to publish a slate of new "Star Wars" titles, along with reprints of its 1970s and 80s "Star Wars" titles, here's a selection of covers from the publisher's "Star Wars Weekly," which appeared in Britain.


A new live-action "Paddington" film is coming out. BBC Radio 4 interviews author Michael Bond about the bear's creation.


Listen to author Neil Gaimin read Charles Dickens' hand-edited version of "A Christmas Carol."

...[Dickens] did that hand editing for the purposes of giving public readings, a practice that, in his time, “was considered a desecration of one’s art and a lowering of one’s dignity.” That time, however, has gone, and many of the most prestigious writers alive today take the reading aloud of their own work to the level of art, or at least high entertainment, that Dickens must have suspected one could.

 Check out Johnny Cash's 1970s TV Christmas specials, featuring guest stars Steve Martin, Andy Kaufman, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison and more.