Jack Kirby and WikiLeaks

This is fascinating stuff via Bleeding Cool. The background: Yesterday WikiLeaks posted a searchable database of the Sony Pictures Entertainment emails that were hacked last year.

A search for "Jack Kirby" shows Sony execs talking about potential properties created by the Marvel Comics artist that could be exploited in future TV shows and movies. It also demonstrates the millions of dollars studios and publishers such as Sony, Marvel and the rest make, and stand to make, by exploiting the imaginative work Kirby did years ago.
The key assets are the Jack Kirby projects.  These are 30 – 50 properties he developed post Marvel and there are around 100 drawings encompassed by this as well.  They have a treatment for the first Kirby related project (which I think is called Microminds).  It is  not a superhero project and their assumption is that it will cost around $100 million.  Peter did not go into details and I can get more information tomorrow, but there seems to be an option on the Kirby projects which expires 4/30 (which would explain the targeted close of the first equity tranche).

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